Integrative Leadership Forum (ILF)
Developing Leaders As People

The Integrative Leadership Forum (ILF) was established in 1999 as an evolving network of accomplished leaders and senior executive development professionals who recognise the value and importance of leadership development. Through experience in international commerce, a valuable insight has been gained into the psychology of the boardroom and the corporate family and through this a need for broadening leadership outlook has been identified.

At the ILF, we believe that in an increasingly complex and demanding commercial world, a successful business leader requires more than merely the qualifications of experience and further education; these have become prerequisites. Nowadays, it is personality and personal development that count: credibility, creativity, social responsibility and objectivity. These qualities, when integrated with acquired management techniques and implementation skills result in good authority and in both personal and commercial success.

In recognition of the changing demands placed on the corporate figureheads of today and tomorrow, the ILF challenges traditional attitudes and ideologies with the aim of encouraging debate and sharing ideas. Focusing on developing leaders as people, the discussion themes vary to remain topical, but address diverse issues both inside and outside the corporate environment. Each event is facilitated by experienced international business leaders and leadership development coaches and time for individual coaching sessions is built into the programme.

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